Turning a True Crime Story Into Fiction

Her story wasn’t mine to tell … not yet.

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Photo by Larry Farr on Unsplash

Even though I had social work experience in domestic and sexual violence, I hadn’t bargained for the long list of sexual abuses Eve suffered through starting at the age of ten.

Eve’s story was, as one of the lawyers once reflected, “an embarrassment of riches.”

When I pull up Eve’s probation photo from the results of the Offender Information Search, I see a woman in her early twenties who looks like she’s on the fast track to a dead end.

In prison and in the world Eve came from, it was probably safer to appear to be dull-witted rather than sharp as a whip.

Lover of crafts from knitting to writing. Three cat mama. She/her. INFP. Agnostic because Nature is enough for me. I also blog at https://1writeway.com.

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