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I would never donate to this cause. I really don’t care about the taxes. We have much more pressing problems than the Democrats trying to get President Trump out of office. They need to stand by the President and help him. He was elected for many reasons. The Democrats don’t quite understand that. We have problems with other countries trying to kill us. Russia is right off the coast of the united states of America. They are threatening us by close fly bys. We need to look at security. We need to look at alot of things more pressing than tax return and anything else so petty. We need to stop the violence in our country and stop all the lying about all the petty things and stand together. We need to help not hurt our country. Stand together and let the President do his job. Keeping the President hands in legal action just keeps our President from keeping our country safe along with everything else he has to do to turn everything around for the better. I sudjest that you stop all of this and let our President keep us safe. After all He Is the, One With the. Intelligence of what’s going on. Not us. Let him do his job, I think he just might surprise all of us and make our lives better.