A Game of Chess: LinkedIn vs the Individual.

I guess you received my letter and weren’t overly thrilled.

Understandable. I get that. I probably wouldn’t be, either.

Instead of addressing the situation, you silently go about your strategy to pin down the whistle-blower because you didn’t like what I had to say. I had 50/50 odds on how you’d handle the letter. Sadly, you chose to carry out what I sincerely hoped you wouldn’t, thus confirming everything in my last post about how you treat your users. In hopes that it was my user error, I cleared the cache, cookies and web data, passwords, media access in all browsers for the last 30 days, and restarted my computer to make sure you weren’t wrongfully blamed.

Here’s where our chess game stands, now.

You lock me out of my account for the first time in 14 years/7 paying years because I spoke up. I do take responsibility for my actions and consider I did “invite” you to lock me out. Check. 
You are still charging my credit card for services unrendered. Check. 
You have ensured the 75+ Inmails I have (because I don’t use them) are never utilized because I can’t actually see anything on the platform. Check. 
You have disabled MY ability to change any of my own profile information. Check.
You won’t let me delete my own email addresses under settings, though yes, I AM typing in the correct password though you say I’m not. Check.
You won’t let me sign OUT of my own profile or delete my account. Check. Nor see any of the 1st connections I’ve built over 14 years. Check. 
You won’t let me see beyond my own profile page. Check. 
So you still want my data and money & are using the silent strategy. *Assumption

I hope this is all a nice misunderstanding and you can use the intel from my “letter” to understand and grow with integrity versus follow the same strategy of recent you have been (the one ticking people off).

Check mate. Your move.

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