Why You Need to Understand Microservices: Free Virtual Summit

Ok, I’m slightly biased towards The Virtual Microservices Practitioner Summit Datawire is hosting. First, because I work with the team. Second because since I work with them I observe how vital it is to be able to use technology at scale — and faster than ever before. And, I haven’t advised or met any company without scaling issues.

If you’re in tech, scaling engineering, or wondering how you can build a faster, more scalable infrastructure — join us on July 13th and hear from amazing practitioners who have implemented microservices at scale. No preaching, just learning from experts at DigitalOcean, Lithium, Zalando Tech, Hootsuite, OpenCredo, Not on the High Street — such as Phil Calçado (check out his cool work, here & Medium posts), Bill Monkman (Hootsuite’s scaling story), and other awesome pioneers in microservices.


You’re invited to join us at no cost, because, well, we’re obsessed with the future of building technology at scale. And, we’re figuring out to do it with a little help from our friends ^
See you online!

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