Revevol & Workplace by Facebook: Nurturing collaboration in the food industry

Marie-Claire Sheppard
2 min readNov 24, 2017

Cultivating a collaborative and innovative work environment has always been a priority for Groupe Bel, one of the world’s largest cheese manufacturers. Groupe Bel’s first attempt to achieve this through a networking platform flopped. The platform was difficult to use, so people didn’t use it. Groupe Bel then turned to Workplace by Facebook, and things changed.

Joining forces with Revevol, an official Workplace partner with 10 years’ experience in change management, Bel was able to ensure Workplace’s rapid adoption.

“Workplace by Facebook has become the standard in how we work, and we couldn’t have adopted it so quickly — in just 6 months — without Revevol.” — Alban Hardy, Transformation at Work Director, Groupe Bel

Getting the company’s top executives and senior managers using Workplace helped its quick and widespread adoption. Now more than 80% of people regularly collaborate via Workplace and another 68% say Workplace allows them to be better informed.

“The most successful Workplace deployments are supported by Workplace partners. They offer a full suite of services for IT, training, change management and internal communications. Partners help our customers integrate Workplace with the other systems they already use, so it’s easy for them to start using Workplace.” — Julien Codorniou, Vice President, Workplace by Facebook

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