Business realities are undergoing tremendous changes lately. The way we approach business processes is way different from how we used to do it back in, let’s say, 5 years. Globalization is changing the market and makes it a bit more challenging for companies to stay relevant. However, at the same time, it is opening new opportunities, such as outsourcing, that allow those companies to stay not only competitive but also significantly reduce their expenses and improve their overall performance.

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Virtual Teams: A New Solution?

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing these days is how to stay relevant without investing too much financial capital into it. One of the answers to that question is virtual teams. Usually, they consist of workers, dispersed all around the globe, who report to one manager. All the communication is done through technological tools, and in some cases, you may see your remote team once or twice during the whole time of your cooperation. …

Does your project need a business plan? You can answer this question only if you know well what this tool is and why it is essential. Let’s figure it out.

Why Do You Need It?

A business plan is an individual document that describes all the fundamental aspects of the future enterprise, analyzes all the issues you may encounter, and also determines how to solve them. Therefore, a correctly drawn up business plan ultimately answers two questions: Is it worth investing money in this business? Will it bring income that will cover all the costs of workforce and resources?

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A well-developed plan allows you to effectively develop your business, attract investors, partners, and the necessary resources. Besides, it also helps to solve the following…

Try to “unite with nature” regularly

Time spent in nature may turn out to be what the doctor prescribed and in addition to increasing the indicators of the duration of concentration of attention and ability to focus.

According to research, the contemplation of nature, including diverse vegetation, can benefit the process of development of the children’s brain.

It turned out that children aged 4–5 to 7 years old, who grew up in more “green” areas, showed better results in tests for the level of attention. …


Marie Barnes

Marketing Communication Manager

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