Ignore the reality that the Russian loose cannon is smarter than you (and owns you), and that he spent most of his career as the head of a ruthless state security force that tortured and poisoned its enemies while you were off building golf courses and leering at beauty queens.
12 Sure Signs Your President Is About To Start A Nuclear War
Allan Ishac

A UGE problem here… the Orange Shitgibbon is so ignorant and feckless, he sincerely has NO idea that Putin is incredibly intelligent…. Evil and ruthless as hell, but no dummy, he can out maneuver Chump while napping….. already has…Don the Con is his…. What’s the word???? Oh yes, CHUMP…hahahaha hahahaha 🙀🙀🙀…. I’m so scared!!! Somebody hold me, we’re doomed!!!!😫

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