The 2016 national elections is not just a travesty in general, it is a black swan (event) that is deserving of being targeted by multiple arrows.
Lol @ “shoot your arrows, I can take it…” I am shocked that you would expect that type of verbal…

Agreed, my Taliban reference was partially hyperbole, however, with Gorsuch, DeVos (her bio scares the poop out of me… brings new horrifying shades of WTF to religious fundamentalism) combined w/Pence, and to a certain degree Sessions, I can certainly see a RADICAL “turning back the clock” if you will, on a a large number of human and Social rights…… Im continuously concerned about the future of young people/children, particularly girls/women…. These folks are NO friend to women. Pence w/the can’t go anywhere w/out the wifey….that man, and pretty much the whole administration would love the wife waiting w/slippers and a martini @5.

Trump’s history with women is no “shining city on a hill”…. (Little bible verse for Pence.. hahahaha) either. His defense of O’Reilly was not only ignorant, it was ill informed since he already copped to it (x5)

This is all of the items, added up, which for me total🙀🙀🙀!!!! add his penchant for petulance and we might not LIVE long enough to worry about SCOTUS.

Interculturalisticman (sp.)… did I get it?!!! Hahahaha sorry if I misspelled… I enjoyed the dialog and thanks for not skinning me alive…. It happens 😉

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