Each time you or I succumb to this trickery by using the monikers they have chosen for themselves, we grow more complicit in their inching crawl toward normality, we cede more conceptual territory in the public mind for the brand of cognitive duplicity they wish to instill.
Watch Your Language
Ian Belknap

And their idiot haircuts, polo shirts and khakis, trying to make themselves look normal when they clearly ARE NOT… running around w/garden mosquito lamps, thinking they’re “men”….. fuck off you low IQ pricks!! And STOP insulting, w/your use, perfectly good patio lights!!! Tiki Torch wants you to fuck off too, they were just to polite in their tweet to say it….

I apologize Ian…. I just watched Chump’s sickening “press conference”, and I’m a bit fired up…. And NAUSEOUS….

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