I don’t have much respect for the idea that being a “ Harvard Crimson or a Yalie” is any measure of…
Kady M.

Determination and a drive to succeed go a long way, it’s unfortunate some are “locked out” of economic opportunities for lack of a degree (and the crippling debt that often accompanies it). My father, like your grandfather, educated himself and also was an entrepreneur. I would like to add, the quality of elementary and high school teachers and schools makes a huge difference.

While I’m NO fan of religion, both my father and I attended Catholic schools and when the “religious instruction” became more than I could abide, I investigated transferring to public school. I was required to “test” for the district to determine the appropriate grade I’d qualify for. I was a sophomore at my Catholic school, the public school district, after testing determined….I was done!?!? I tested out based on public curriculum!

I gritted my teeth, tried VERY hard to keep my yap shut during “religious instruction” and continued at my Catholic school. The point I’m making…. I’m VERY glad I remained, but more to the point…. What the HELL is wrong when a public district, says “congratulations” you’re done to a 16 year old????

This country needs to SERIOUSLY get its head out of its cavity regarding childhood education, and that’s not happening ANY time soon w/Betsy DeVos driving the bus….

Footnote here….. Catholic’s are NOT evangelicals, I had some of the toughest science and math classes I’ve ever had in high school…. Much tougher than my college STEM courses….try reconciling THAT as a mouthy teen…. First hour macrobiology, second hour, “religious instruction” where we’ll be covering the “virgin birth”…… Catholics (like all organized religion) are bat shit crazy, but they run one hell of a school…

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