I shared my personal experiences of racial discrimination with him and he said that there are white people who experience the same discrimination, bias, and threats of violence.
I Gave My White Husband The Space To Fuck Up — And It Hurts Like Hell
Talynn Kel

Forgive me, but….. shit the bed….. SEVEN years you’ve been w/this individual?!?! Can you have him let us ALL know who these “white people that experience discrimination and bias” are?!?!

Look… I’m just putting it out there that I’m 52(😫) and NEVER have I been stopped by a cop and thought… you know what… I might not make it out of this ALIVE…. Never been yanked from my vehicle for not extinguishing a cigarette, never been stopped for “failure to signal” or any other nonsensical bullshit, and I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say your S.O. Hasn’t either, nor any of his friends or relatives… for ANY White person not to acknowledge the pervasive, systemic, institutional racism in this country is insulting to EVERY Black person, regardless of age or station in life

I get it, it’s EXTREMELY uncomfortable to acknowledge you were born on third base and managed a home run, however, it doesn’t make it any less true… White people need to STOP saying dumbass shit like…. “Im colorblind “… really?!?! I’m not, I can see exactly what hue my friends, neighbors and co workers are, and I don’t insult them by pretending I don’t….. “I never owned slaves so this isn’t on me”… talk about being an ignorant, obtuse , entitled MORON… I let THOSE idiots just walk on by… you can’t fix stupid…. I could go on, but…..

I’m not trying to upset or insult you, however, seven years is an awful long time to ….”not get it”….

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