That ain’t LOCAL HONEY, that is FEDERAL MEDDLING on a grand scale using our tax dollars to PURCHASE Latino votes for the Democratic Party and it needs to by stopped NOW. and as an aside, if you are her illegally, by definition you are a criminal.
The crimes I was speaking of were racial in nature and were perpetrated by local residents on other…

Good gravy…. I’m definitely NOT your “HONEY” ….AND…. Your delusional, if anyone commits voter fraud it would be REPUBLICANS, re: gerrymandering and racist re districting….. BUT, NONE of that OR your unasked for xenophobia has anything to do w/the fact that Spicer AND Chump have both repeatedly brought up STATE crimes involving whites vs. minorities. Which, thankfully brings me back to the point of the article….to whit:

This guy traveled 2 states over w/the expressed purpose (per his own mouth) of “killing as many black men as possible”….of course I’ve sanitized that A LOT. He arrived with a SWORD. My point was/is if Spicer and what’s his name, are going to call out specific crimes, let’s hear them all, particularly when they’re OBVIOUS hate crimes, otherwise they (sort of like you) should STFU.