Trump has not presented himself as a president of any substance, in fact, he seems barely literate most of the time, spending the bulk of his intellectual capacity writing blathering tweets on social media which contradict opinions he has had for previous presidents on nearly every subject.
Trump’s First 100 Days in My Words
Thaddeus Howze

He’s actually quite comparable to a ten year old (fifth grade) in terms of vocabulary, sentence construction (10 could be a reach on that one, perhaps 6??) and he’s our PRESIDENT!! It sickens me to think President Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama are being followed by….. THIS! It’s an insulting slap to the face of us all…. And for what?!?! The things these supporters voted for are pipe dreams that vanished decades ago… they punish us all because coal and Steele left them behind?? Wow, that’s SOME rear view mirror, perhaps the gold rush will return as well….