How about “if you like your Doctor you get to keep him" or how about “if you like your insurance…
Michael Craig

How about no pre existing coverage?

How about no ER coverage?

How about no maternity coverage?

Look…. I’m not going any further w/you… you clearly think it’s perfectly acceptable for MILLIONS of people to be left high and dry, to essentially die where they drop, w/the added bonus of 900 BILLION in tax cuts for the wealthy.

You read this site to spew bullshit PERIOD. The question is why???

Republicans/conservatives are not just greedy, they are pathological in their desire to inflict cruelty on anyone they deem “not worthy” ….. they have reached their pinnacle by entrenched us w/a liar and his family of grifters who continue to find new ways to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense.

This “cabinet” would be amusing if it were a sitcom, however it should be chilling to anyone with a functioning cerebellum… Rick Perry simply cannot understand why EVERYONE believes global warming is population caused except him… decades of verifiable scientific evidence MUST be wrong because he just “doesn’t think so”

Betsy DeVos thinks discrimination and segregation need to make a triumphant return to the American school system and she knows just how to make that happen…. Rob from Peter to pay for charter and “Christian” schools! Why should anyone have to put their children in a grubby public school when the government will pay to send them to a nice WHITE charter that will teach their “values”?!?!

Paul Ryan and that DISGUSTING Mick Mulvaney think a person’s HEALTH is a privilege not a right….eating is overrated for the elderly and underprivileged children…

Anyone that supports these pigs and their policies is simply evil, no other way to put it. My sincerest hope is that they, and others like them find themselves on the receiving end of these policies.

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