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I’m not sure how else to phrase this, but…. These people are, for lack of a better descriptive…. Evil… republicans are simply only out to enrich themselves and their billionaire backers. This guy has had a hard on for Medicare and Social Security since he arrived in DC. Can someone explain how these programs are “entitlements” please? Both of these (Medicare and Social Security)are deductions from MY paycheck each week, how about yours? No one is “handing” us anything, we all work to support these programs now, so others will in turn support them when we become eligible. If they’re “entitlements” how about if the Mnuchins, the DeVos’s, the Romney’s etc take a pass since they certainly don’t need them. Also neatly tucked into the Wonder Boy’s bill are more, UGE tax breaks for the aforementioned and their brethren…

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