It was simply a lot of people saying that they’d rather not sell their soul to the intellectual elite establishment in the name of “tolerance.”
The Democratic party needs to come to grips with the reality that it takes more than just accusing…
Robert Harvey

No… they’d rather sell their soul to a group of white men determined to make sure ALL of us suffer as much as possible, while enriching themselves, their donors, corporations and slashing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that might hold value for the 99% of us that will NOT BENEFIT from the MASSIVE tax cuts his millionaire/billionaire cabinet will ram through… anyone championing this administration is simply cruel, mean spirited, and oddly gleeful to see their fellow citizens stripped to the bone and literally left to die without insurance, and the Medicare, and Social Security we all paid into now considered an “entitlement”. What we’ve paid into is an entitlement, however, carry over interest, no inheritance tax (except in the wealthiest instance) and the countless loopholes enjoyed by the top 10% are somehow considered “hard earned” and “deserved”, because according to republicans, these are the “makers” …. The rest of us?!?! “Takers” that deserve to be ground to dust under the boot of the holy “makers”… all it takes is one false step Robert, and you could find yourself one of the “great unwashed”, not worthy of life… wonder if that would afford you a bit of compassion then?? Always so “juicy” to blame others for their misfortune, if they would have just….. look at ME, I did it without any handouts, if they weren’t so lazy, if they’d learn the language, if they’d pull themselves up by their bootstraps, if they didn’t have so many kids..(oops, I don’t want them getting birth control or… god forbid, an abortion) if, if, if,… WE shouldn’t have to pay for THEM!!!

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