To challenge the president’s prodigious golf skills, organizers have even asked the Army Corp of Engineers to bury 22,673 lethal landmines along the fairways, on the greens, and in the bunkers of the 4500 ft., Par 3 course.
New Yorkers Say Trump Can Expect “Some Big F**king Surprises” During May Visit
Allan Ishac

Oh Allan… would that it were so….. sigh!….. uh oh…. Scratch that, that would leave Pence and First Lady Mother….😫😫😫😳….. I still cannot figure out what we did to “Our Fellow Americans” for them to deposit these GIANT TURDS in the country’s punch bowl?!?! I’m truly sorry, I’ll never make fun of tractor pulls or mullets again!!! Pinkie promise!!!!😫

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