I am a freelance writer and I’m doing my degree online so I really could keep whatever hours I…
Lee Garibaldi

Oh I will!! My Mom was a night owl too and some of our best times were when I’d come home after a night out and she’d be up wallpapering the dining room (no really , she was THAT kind of woman…hahahaha) or working in her studio and we’d have a nightcap and lots of giggles and maybe a little (or a lot) gossip…. She was a great lady and an AMAZING artist…. Dad was pretty great too, I must say😃….. I miss them both, but I was lucky to have them and your little one will feel the same about you love…. I just know it😊

I’m so glad your mum will help you out w/the move…. Artists/writers are entitled to a bit of patronage… that’s what my artist Mom always said, and lord knows they helped me out a BUNCH when I was starting out hahahaha! I’m pulling for you love, great things are on the way😊