Open Resignation Letter to Philz Coffee
Hyunny Kwon

People are beyond JERKS!!!!! I Too, work in retail (Target) and we have some lovely, developmentally disabled employees and it INFURIATES me when a guest has the ….. forgive me, BALLS, to seek out management (after RUDELY fiddling w/their phones and holding up check-out lines) to complain that “he looks weird” can’t you DO something about him?!? He’s taking to long to load my car too! Yes, yes I can😃 I can explain to HIM, that YOU are a sub-human, entitled ASSHAT!!! Enjoy your day!!😠 fortunately, 🎯 doesn’t make us put up w/any of that s@$t…. As long as we tell them to pound sand w/a nice big smile😃😃….. one last comment to all you lovely folks that just KNOW your much, much better, and more important than everyone else…..YOU…ARE….NOT!😃😃

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