She has spent more than three decades helping children from low-income families choose a better school.
Senate Should Promptly Confirm Betsy DeVos
Sen. Lamar Alexander

She has spent more than three decades robbing funding from public schools, and gifting it to private, RELIGIOUS schools. What if I don’t want my tax dollars funding religion Sen. Alexander?? This woman and her family w/their BILLIONS of dollars have made it their MISSION to force religion (hers) into public schooling. It was made patently clear during her hearing, she knows precious little about education, has NO interest in protecting LGBTQ students, putting and end to bullying and violence or ending the culture of rape on college campuses…. Not that ANY of this matters, she’ll be approved because, Republican+Republican+Republican+

Millions in contributions=ANYTHING YOU SAY! Our political system has devolved into… money talks, integrity walks…

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