Abject hypocrites, in other words.
I thought I already sufficiently qualified the term, but OK.
Robert Harvey

So to review, leftists are abject hypocrites, and republicans are ??? What then??? For the last 115 days, the way to tell they’re lying….. is if their lips are moving, however, you’re of course correct, it’s just pointless to try and have an actual, factual discussion with a non hypocrite, genius, all knowing, fair minded sage such as yourself. The arrogance and sanctimony are just the lovely icing on the cake of your “I (and folks who think like ME) are the only ones qualified to engage in a meaningful discussion” …. But by all means, continue speaking down to anyone that deigns to disagree, SOMEONE has to educate all the “college leftists” might as well be a “non college (?) conservative”.

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