Footnote here…..
Kady M.

This is exactly why the U.S ranks among the lowest in academic achievement. I’m as “patriotic” as the next guy, however, contrary to most Americans belief, we are NOT the “greatest nation on earth” if we were..we’d give a damn about the fact many of our youth are functionally illiterate.

A large part of the problem is discipline (or the lack of) on both the students AND the parents part. If Mom and Dad spend the entirety of your childhood telling you, “you’re the BEST, junior” when junior CLEARLY isn’t, it’s gonna hit the fan when the SAT’s roll around…. To quote Pink Floyd…. Have you seen juniors grades?!?!?!

Many times if a decent educator does point out failures, the parents are incensed, and instead of focusing on their child, they expend their energy naysaying the teacher….

Kady, were you able to find an acceptable school for your daughter to attend? I’m just curious because being that far ahead, children can become bored or restless, making it difficult to stay engaged.

Regards, Marie…

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