So, as the latest member of FOX’s growing list of sexual predators, who inform many Americans, via verbal reports, and DNA samples, Charles “Imin” Payne, now joins O’Reilly, the late Roger Ailes, as well as Ailes’ WAY more likable, reanimated corpse; Zombie Roger Ailes, Jamie Horowitz, Francisco Cortes, and Sean Hannity, in FOX News’ time honored tradition, of keeping its female employees in a constant state of panic, and terrified anxiety, which FOX News’ board of directors believes “helps their female employees keep their weight down.”
FOX News issues order for all female employees — now forced to wear fake beards, mustaches, as new…
Steven Rouach

Why am I SURE that last sentence is verbatim from the employee handbook…. The “girl” one of course….

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