The Flower and The Jewel; Disney’s Sexualisation Of Brown Women.
Nerdy POC


I Find this really interesting, but we should remember those two stories weren’t written by Di$ney, they were adapted.

I won’t pretend to teach you about racism, as I’m a white french woman. So I hope you won’t feel bad with me writting. I come in peace.

But to speak just about Notre Dame de Paris, the book was way more racist and sexualizing Esmeralda, and the intrigue goes around this, she’s pictured as a demon for dancing and all. The context in which Victor Hugo wrote it was waaaay different, obviously. But the book can also be read as : her, seen as a filthy animal, poor, venal, and the lector discovering her psychology, her sensitivity, humanity beyond her body. She’s victim of her lust and body, of the fascination she starts into three mens, and the end (won’t spoil it for you) is tragic!

Times have changed.

But it’s good to observe this today, so you can deconstruct a bit for yourself, and also share this with nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, etc…

I like Mulan, she’s strong and she’s a fighter, she defy her woman’s gender and asks for more… And it marks a change in disney choices about how to tell stories about women.

But still…

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