But’s thats not how to grow a team

I know, everybody works in a different setting. But there are huge parallels as well. Let’s try something. Close your eyes and think at your work. Think about the group of coworkers you see most often. Think about how you work together. Be honest now. How does the collaboration feel? Are you a team? Or more like a group of people?

Like most people you don’t feel part of a team. And that’s not good for you, not for your company and as Gartner found out not for your customer either.

Teams don’t start as teams. They have to grow to become one. And to let them grow it helps to understand why teams do or do not work. Lencioni describes the 5 dysfunctions of teams. Which are: (1) lack of trust, (2) fear of conflict, (3) lack of commitment, (4) avoidance of accountability and (5) inattention to results. …


Marieke Heins

Agile coach, nerdy passionate about improving teams and their results.

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