3 tips for not caring about other people’s opinion

Perspective brings you anywhere

Since the day I can remember, I had difficulties with the image that people had from me. I would get nervous when people in class behind me were laughing. Are they making fun of me? I always got a red face and felt a little more insecure. You feel me? Yeah, it sucked to be a loser.

But I was not even a loser! It was a personal image of myself that I had drawn and started to believe in. Why was I so cruel to myself? I simply do not know. And all the cheerfull excitement from my mom did not help either. She would tell me how wonderful I was and how beautiful I looked; easy, cause she bought loads of expensive Oilily clothes for me.

The problem I had was within my mind. The picture of being a loser and not good enough was printed like a solid stone. I could hear people compliment me yet that did not change the image I had over myself.

When I got thirteen years old, I started to get out of that anxiety. I asked my dad how to grow my confidence. “Well, you have to start getting out of your comfort zone.” So I did. When I got to the first grade in high school, I knew two guys in my new class. They sat together at a 2 place table, which means I had to sit next to someone random. It was the first step of breaking out of my negative self image. And I did! I sat next to 2 other girls who later became my friends. Simply said, simply done, huh?

I know you are reading this due to the fact that you want advise on how to grow your confidence. Let’s give it you then. But before that, I want you to think about the self image that you hold for youself. What word comes across your mind? When it is negative, you know that you might want to change that. So before using the tips, make a commitment. You wanna change your self image? I was determiend when I got to high school. So are you now?

The first trick I use is something very powerful. There is no better way to feel happy and excited than to combine both music and your confidence. When you listen to an empowering song; No Rules from Due Lipa, or Never Give Up from Sia or anything that makes you feel excited, you become instantly happier, true? Now, I want you to see yourself right in the middle of your favourite place. Where do you love to come? Imagine that you are there, standing in the middle with lots of people around you. They are so impressed by you! They love and admire you. It might sound strange, but when you start to believe it and combine that with the excitement from the song, you are slowly changing your own self image. How amazing! Since this excersise is so fun to you, I do it almost every day. And since listening to music is something very fun to do, it becomes easier to work on this tip!

The second hint is to get to know yourself a little more. Are you pro Hilary of Trump? Are you an extravert or introvert, funny or serious? All these traits are useful to know in order to be able to divert an opinion of someone else. When people criticize you on your clothes, you have less difficulty with that since you know ywhat your style is and you love it! If you did not define your style, than an opinion slaps you harder in the face than when you do know and embraced it.

The third tip is a very natural one. It is a magical feeling that you will receive when implementing it the right way. To make sure that someone’s opinion does not influence your feelings, you create an energyglow around you. Yes, that is right. Once someone says something brutal, you feel the energy inside of you and let it come out of you so that you literally protect yourself with your energy field that is around the 5 cm. So for me, I sincerely begin to smile when someone has a brutal expression towards me. It does not touch me anymore. And that is what its all about, isn’t it?

Good luck with the tips and I love to hear what has helped you!

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