Gareth McConnel lecture:

“Close your eyes”

I think a real turning point in my project occurred following the lecture on Gareth McConnell, most specifically his ‘Close your Eyes’ series. His use of colour and saturation seems to give the viewer this intense feeling of entering another world; a dream-like state, almost as if intoxicating the audience.

To create the book ‘Close your Eyes’ he re-photographed and reworked both his back catalogue and the work of others to create fresh content, “a sort of 10-year retrospective, re-imagined and added-to”.

“obviously the content superficially lends itself to the title, with the druggy, trippy imagery included it can be taken as ‘close your eyes and get off your tits’ or it can be ‘close your eyes to the absolute horrors of our world’. You can close your eyes in ecstasy and love or close your eyes in ignorance and fear”

This quote by McConnel acted as a real source of inspiration for my work, the idea of closing your eyes in ecstasy and entering another world. Much how like one feels when falling in love; the idea of this ecstasy intoxicating your entire being.

As previously stated I wish to explore further this idea of escapism. The idea that falling in love can transcend you into another almost drug like state where your perception on the world around you is completely altered. Furthermore how do we readjust to the world around us when this love is taken away?

Lana Del Rey, ‘Freak’ , 2016:

I included these stills from a recent Lana Del Rey video as they heavily reminded me of the notion of escapism. The beginning of the video has quite dull colours, however after the subject puts the acid tab on his tongue the colours in the video are suddenly enhanced, almost saturated. It strongly reminded me of the work of Gareth McConnell not only due to the subject matter, but the way in which the colours make you feel almost as if you have been catapulted into this druggy haze with the subject. The vivid colours and subtle sparkles on the water submerge the audience into believing they too have gone on a trip with the subject.

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