Initial Tests

Brain when processing emotion, green parts show the release of dopamine
Chemical reactions of the brain in love

When thinking about my project I wanted to tie together all the different elements I had been looking at:

  • brain processing emotion
  • the idea of escapism
  • the psychedelic colours which are associated with drug use

I then began to think about the research I had done on the brain and how when one falls in love dopamine is released in the brain. I then recalled how there are tests which show the release of dopamine has a similar effect to that of being on cocaine. This then helped me push my concept into a more clarified direction. Therefore when we fall in love our brain releases dopamine, which makes us feel like we are on drugs, below are some tests which aim to reflect this release of dopamine in our brain.


I created the above stills from existing footage I shot of cloud formations I had on my laptop. I altered the images so that they became much more abstract and the main focus became the colour and shape form. The aim of the images was to try and echo the look of the brain diagrams which show the chemical releases in our brain when we fall in love.

The images below were more focused on colour rather than form. The images were originally from a tv monitor in a train station. I again attempted to alter the images in a similar way so that they gave the effect of a chemical reaction.

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