Survivors Confront Far Right’s #HimToo Campaign in Portland
Shane Burley

Great reporting, thank you so much. Another element that you may have not known about is that prior to the event, POP mob put survivor stories where the Patriot Prayer rally would be held, they were just sheets of paper with stories on them. Police quickly gathered them up and began putting them in garbage bags before our event even started. I went over there to ask if I could have the stories back, I asked why they were being thrown away and an officer said “because they’re garbage”, he was extremely condescending and when I asked if I could have them because they weren’t garbage he smirked and said “Ohh… yeah let’s just ask boss, hey boss (etc)” The boss came over with a similar attitude and said the papers would be taken into evidence. I asked what they were being taken into evidence for and he said they may need to be used as evidence against the people who put them there.

Just our police doing more of their “good ol’ community building”… I thought I would share.