Dov Charney, Gimlet Media, and the missing sexual predator narrative
Brittany Jezouit

Thanks for this article. I feel it echoes some of my take on this show. Like you, I‘ve been a fan of startup from the beginning. Unlike you however, I stopped listening to this show as of today. I had to pause in the middle of episode 4 because I was so upset and then decided to deleted Startup podcast from my playlist, as a way to protest. I cannot endure the story of this man anymore. I don’t care that we could reach some deep conclusions that would redeem this show. Just making violence and disrespect toward woman a suspense gimmick is distasteful enough for me to stop listening. If there had been some warnings like “ This show explores some bdsm theme of physical and psychological violence against women, listen only if this is your kink.”, I could somehow endure a bit more. But the way this is package as serious journalism/storytelling is very annoying. Gimlet people might want to ponder about stories worth telling. I guess I’m especially upset because it feels like a friend betrayal, or someone I thought was my friend.