Barak Obama’s legacy

I’m not American, I don’t live in the United States but I’m a woman who listened carefully and lives in the world of globalisation. I wasn’t governed by Barak Obama and I didn’t need to to know that he was to begin with a good man, he and his wife cared about things and talked about things that none other president or First Lady ever did before them. The get involved in things that no other politicians did and they take position on public matters that affected people’s life, as the medical care or the right to study of girls in Africa.

Of course Obama would needed much time to really make a change in the US, but he really try to. Indeed he intended to change the education program, the medical program, the media and other things that Americans really need to change, the establishment and the real power didn’t let him succeed. His wanted to be sucesor wasn’t like him or Michelle, Hilary was most of an old known person of the political spectrum of America, nothing new nothing revolutionary. In my opinion people wanted someone new, someone that could keep going on Barak’s path. Hilary wasn’t anything of that.

Without doubt Barak Obama was the best president the United States of America ever had and if you let me will have. Americans listen to the man that has changed a lot: you can.