The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

You are not alone, honey, I am 66 years old-at the other end of the spectrum-I too gave like I never have before and for the first time in years, I threw my entire self into Bernie’s campaign. Before last year, I never looked at Facebook, or any of the other sites that are like a daily thing for me at this point. I still post like crazy for Bernie and have even bared my soul about how I feel over this disgrace we have been living through. After much soul searching I have decided to remain Independent without any party affiliation. I thought about going green but really watching Dr. Stein acting like some crazed hawk attacking the carcass of a rabbit that lies on the side of the road, dead after being hit by a semi, I can’t stomach the thought. I watched the Independent Party and their convention where a fat guy stripped on stage when addressing the convention, I can’t do it…I can’t sell out yet again. I can’t just fall into line and vote the party line because , if I do, I would not be able to like myself anymore and at this late stage of the game, I can’t afford not to appreciate myself, especially not over such a dark seamy cause. I can’t tell you how to proceed, but I can offer support in your process and it is a process, you can’t be expected to just spin on a dime and give up your beliefs. Just stay true to yourself and if need be, don’t say anything at all when someone approaches you about your support of Bernie or your belief that we don’t have to be so evil as it turns out many of us are. In closing, I will say, I offer you small comfort but at least you know you are not alone…not by a long shot…and when those who did support Bernie, approach you to follow them to the other side, know that they are processing their pain as well, not everybody is strong enough to acknowledge the turmoil. You are the better person for being able to do so.

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