Experience Amazing Christmas Dinner in Sweden

The Christmas season in Sweden starts off on the December 13th and is known as the Saint Lucia Day. What history signifies about this day is that Saint Lucia on this day overcame the darkness. The darkness of the longest night in Sweden that is on 13th December was a feat itself. So to commemorate this feat the nation have processions with candles lit making it a splendid sight. The Swede’s honour this auspicious occasion with a few more indigenous traditions. The significant upon that can be the one where the eldest daughter serves coffee, Lucia buns and mulled wine to the family, dressed in a white robe and a garland of candles on her head. Lucia carols is sung all over the cities in the processions and food is served too. Traditional food plays an important part in the customs of the nation. One of the traditions goes way back to the days of where a Julbock or a Christmas goat used to be tied under a Christmas tree. These straw goats can still be bought nowadays. This still remains to be one of the more favourite tradition of the country. This custom represents fertility and rejuvenation. The Christmas trees are also decorated with many decorative pieces and are the central attraction at every house hold. One more tradition which is held very dear to heart is the family dinners during Christmas. It is custom to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and dine and enjoy the food with them. So they make it a point that everyone makes it to the dinners no matter what.

One can characterize the festive season by the increase in the waist lines and the smiles that can come only during the festivals. This happens to the indulgence which is not a strained one due to the festival at hand. An average guy can weigh up to 5 pounds more after an occasion like Christmas. Also the average person will not think twice about trying to control that gain because no one cares. It is all about a good time more than anything else. The waistline increase is usually due to the traditional dishes which are very taste buds friendly and can be gorged on.

At times this ritual can become monotonous for the ones who are looking for something different. May be the traditions remains the same but the spices that are added emancipates some sort of a different flavour. Julbord med underhållning is one of such prime requirements for many. To make sure that there is something which will have such services in them, Julgalan has introduced its annual; Christmas event. With the best musicians of the country performing through the days all around the nation, it has caught the imagination of many. It is a grand event which also serves the famed Christmas dinner for the audience during the show and it is a treat itself. Julbord Norrköping is one of those cities where the event goes on till the wee hours. The after parties are sought after and the show keeps up the tempo for all those who are present.