What are Effective Soundproofing Materials?

Interior of a room has become much more than the portable furniture. With the improvement in the modular walls and panels there is a solution for every need. Soundproof wall panels are often used for various reasons. There are many options in construction materials are often advertised as having the specific characteristics of noise reduction. Even though they all might possess them, the amount of noise these materials can reduce depends and varies. Installing these different materials to cancel out different frequencies of the noise at locations where it is needed is the key.

Having background knowledge about these materials can help a lot in deciding where to place materials with respect to the size of the room. A material that works best on ceilings, if used on the floors instead will lead to loss of money as well as wastage of the materials. Here is a list of commonly used sound proof materials which are effective at noise reduction.


Drywalls are also called as plasterboard, wallboard depending on which part of the world one is in. A Drywall is one of most inexpensive and excellent source of mass which is an important element in soundproofing. For people who do not have a lot of money, Drywall can be a good option to cheap soundproofing.

Damped Drywall

Another cheap yet effective way of creating soundproofing is by creating your own damped drywall. A drywall incorporates the damping layer such as QuietRocks, SilectFX and alike. The panels themselves have excellent sound proofing properties. One can always create a damped drywall by applying the damping in between the two sheets of regular drywall. These can be a good home remedy for vägglösningar

Acoustic Board

Another choice of ljudabsorberande väggar is by using acoustic boards. These have a low mass which may not mean that they are the best option for soundproofing walls. But they are a good choice when it comes to floor as additional mass is often not needed because of not specific needs for damping, decoupling or absorption.

Mass loaded vinyl

This method of ljudabsorberande väggar is on the expensive side but it is very good source of mass. MLV is a great for filling the gaps as well as wrapping the ducts, metal columns where there is a requirement for flexible sound barrier. In principle a Mass Loaded Vinyl is a more expensive option to the cheaper version which is the drywall.

These are some of the most commonly found materials when it comes to soundproofing. With the help of these one can get better vägglösningar by going for the best manufacturer of these materials. Recording studios, meeting and conference rooms often have wall panels installed which can absorb sound. Choosing the one that suits your needs the best will help get the best results.

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