Adding your Instagram feed to your website is an easy way to have it updated! Let’s do it together!

I have a personal website for my hobbies and stuff. On this website, I used to query the Instagram API really easily. And then stuff changed. The Instagram API got deprecated. More precisely, it migrated.

So, I had to figure out a new way to query my Instagram feed for my website. So let’s check that out together!

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STEP #1: Create a Gatsby.js starter & push it on GitHub

If you already have a landing page, you can go straight to STEP2.

As before, we are going to start by creating a Gatsby.js starter. If you haven’t set up your development environment, you can follow this procedure.

Following the release of the new version of the Instagram API, let’s check out how to get a token.

Recently, the Instagram API got depreciated. Not, like really depreciated, but more like migrated to the Facebook developer API center. It’s not more difficult to get a token, it’s just different and there is not much documentation yet.

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So let’s do it together. It’s the same process for every API you want to query, the first step is going to be to create a developer account with the provider. In this case, it’s not going to be Instagram, but Facebook. But I’m sure you already knew that but, Facebook bought Instagram a couple of years ago. …

How the LinkedIn API works so you can add a LinkedIn Sign In to your Next.js project!

Recently, I worked on a job for a client to implement LinkedIn OAuth on a website. And, it was hard.

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Thinking back about it, I think it was hard because my first mistake was not to read the LinkedIn documentation carefully enough. So, don’t make the same mistake as me, it’s here. Or go ahead, I’ll explain everything anyway!

1. Create a LinkedIn App

The first step of all is to create an application on LinkedIn. It’s pretty straight forward. Go here, then My apps, and “Create an App”.

Turbo-charge your workflow with these 12 Chrome Extensions

I’m a Google Chrome user, and I recently realized that I had way too many Chrome Extensions and that it was time to clean a bit.

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After good thinking, I knew it was time to get rid of some extensions I was not using. Sticking to the essentials ones, it all came to those 12 extensions I’m using a lot:

1. Wappalyzer

It often happened to me to be on a website and to be curious. I know it’s bad, but I’m a curious person. If you are like me, Wappalyzer is an extension for you. …

Working hard on making an HTML version of your marketing email? Make your life easier by using one of those templates

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The first time I made an email template, I thought it will be easy. So, I made it with basic HTML until it looked fine on Gmail. Then, I tried it with Outlook. Well, you saw that coming, didn't you? It looked terrible on Outlook. Foolishly enough and as a good millennial, I thought that it was going. Emails have been around for so long, it should not be that hard I was telling myself. I was wrong. So wrong! Emails providers are like browsers and devices.

Even if it’s is a simple email, it can be difficult to make it in a way that all mail clients interact well with it. Turns out, different engines are used to render the HTML…

A few tips on how to make your website mobile-friendly easily.

One of the first freelance jobs was to make an existing website more mobile-friendly. I’m not going to lie, making a website friendly is basically playing around with the CSS and breakpoints. It’s not easy, and sometimes I wanted to throw the computer out of the window.

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How to audit your mobile responsiveness?

The first thing to consider when you are improving your website responsiveness is to know what you need to do. For that, you can use the mobile test developed by google.

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The carving next to Mount Hikurangi

A few years ago, one of my first hikes in New Zealand was going off the beaten path to see Mount Hikurangi:

6 tools to increase your productivity as a Front-end developer.

Today I wanted to share with you the tools I daily use to increase my productivity as a front-end developer.

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Not my tools, but it could bePhoto by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

#1: Sizzy

Make your website responsive (almost) without pain, use Sizzy! In my first experience as a web developer, I was given the task of improving the responsive site of the website. And, it was a nice CSS learning lesson. But also, a pain to switch to the mobile view every time I was making a change. It’s at that time I started to use Sizzy.

And, Sizzy is one of those tools that I fall in love with because it is saving me time. It’s not a free tool, but it’ll worth it! Now, let’s stop talking and dig in. …

I used to struggle with remembering Imports and Exports and how to do them correctly. I always ended up with an error, and that’s why I made a cheat sheet.

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But, why do we export/import? The import and export statements in JavaScript help you to share code across multiple files. And, everything that you can assign to a JavaScript variable can be imported or exported.

You want to build a successful MVP but you don’t know where to start? Here are six questions to put you in the right direction.

6 questions to Ask yourself these questions to help you get the most of your MVP before starting to develop it.

You might no know this about me, but before being a developer, I used to be a strategic advisor. Working with entrepreneurs got me thinking a lot about their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Minimum Viable Product has become the new fancy. And everybody wants one. But, before jumping into it, people should ask themselves more questions. I don’t question the fact that they might need an MVP. But it’s a time and money investment like any other. So start by asking yourself a few questions before:

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Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

Many projects I see today are like: “I want to duplicate X* but for this or this”, “I want to do an X* of this or this”. …



I’m a junior web developer 💻 using Javascript, React, Gatsbyjs & ReactNative. I also have interests in photography 📷 , travelling 🗺️ and the environment 🌎

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