Myself and two CI colleagues, Darren Clyde & Campbell Scott have been exploring ways we can bring together continuous improvement professionals to facilitate online collaboration. One idea we are exploring, is to create an online platform that isn’t connected to any one organisation or social media platform.

Anecdotal feedback we have had is that there isn’t currently a unique, safe place for CI/Change & Transformation Specialists to share the challenges of continuous improvement, change management and transformation, successes or to sign post the best tools, case studies and expert advice.

With this in mind, we asked our network of professionals…

Published by Dr Mariesha Jaffray on behalf of Avron Goss

Cybersecurity — when visibility is not enough

When I was a young and eager consultant my manager once quipped that the safest code was code that you kept locked up on a hard drive in a safe. He also pointed out that this would of course render the code useless. That was a long time ago when the biggest networking choice I had to make was whether to use a 48.8k or 24.4k modem. …

A Practical Tool for Assessing & Developing Your Organisation’s Continuous Improvement Culture

Dr Mariesha Jaffray, Dr Jared Dempsey & Dr Moira Bailey

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The Need for Continuous Improvement

The United Kingdom Continental Shelf only recently emerged from the longest downturn in recent history, and the industry is to be commended for halving the cost of production per barrel of oil; however, following the impact of COVID and the recent drop in oil price, the need for efficient working in the UKCS continues. We must build upon the foundations of change that have been initiated. …

‘It is an accepted tenet of modern life that change is constant, of great magnitude and far less predictable than ever before. For this reason, managing change is acknowledged as being one of the most important and difficult issues facing organisations today. This is why both practitioners and academics, in ever growing numbers, are seeking to understand organizational change. This is why the range of competing theories and advice has never been greater or more puzzling’. (1)

In its simplest form, ‘change’ is about making things different, usually for the better. It is a constant feature of any organisation and…

Continuous improvement is something I am passionate about. I am the managing director and owner of MAJCI which I am formally launching to bring improvement and change management services to the Oil & Gas Industry and more. I have over 25 years experience delivering continuous improvement and change management in academia, healthcare and Oil & Gas but I am frustrated to see that in the midst of what has been described as the perfect storm of low oil price and COVID, many Oil & Gas companies are cutting back or even completely doing away with their CI Programmes. I have…

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In the Pareto above, the total hours lost on this plant in 2019 equalled 862 Hours of potential production time.

Develop a Project and Communication Plan

With the mini improvement projects identified, we need to then develop a project plan to track progress which can also be used as a method of communication with site leadership. Raising awareness of the projects across site will also require a good communication plan. Communication plans could involve different tiers of communication throughout the organisation and cover different means of communication.


I am Managing Director of MAJCI Continuous Improvement & Change Management Consultancy. I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & have a PhD in Change Management.

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