I’ve been debating with myself whether or not I should post this because my experiences seems so negligible compared to many of the #metoo stories I’ve read during the last days. But then I realized I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like their experiences aren`t enough to constitute harassment so why should I consider my own experiences any different.

When I saw the #metoo campaign on twitter, my first thought was thank god that haven`t happened to me. But then I remembered that time I was thrown into a wall by my drunk (ex)friend who was furious because I turned him down. Or those many times I’ve had to forcefully stop someone’s hand from going down my pants because a no was not a no. Or simply the fact that I had to change all my social media profile settings to private because I kept being harassed by a man I didn’t want to go on a second date with. Or when I was 18 and drunk at a party and told the next day about those two boys who were touching my body when I was passed out. Or that time I asked a man for directions and he felt me up because — hey, I was intruding his space first. I could keep going on..

My stories seems pale compared to others, however they left me feeling unsafe, uncomfortable, violated, not in control of my own body and most of all angry.

The problem is not men. It`s not alcohol or the way we dress or the fact that we walk at night when we know perhaps we shouldn't. The problem is we tell each other its not acceptable, but when it happens we brush it off our shoulder, keep it to ourselves and move on. And thats why #metoo is important.

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