Day 5: Magical Life

Thinking about life {Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash}

This story is part of of a series of stories I wrote for a class project. You can read day one here

Today’s Challenge: The challenge is to write a mantra or personal statement about how you want to use media using forward.

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My Goal

Looking back at everything, I have done in the past weeks in relation to this project, the media-use diary and my personal assessment of how I use media, I can say that my media goal is to pay more attention to how I use and consume media.

By paying attention to things that are important to me and filtering out unimportant information, I can be more focused and creative in the way I want to be. I need to develop strategies to enable me to focus more and to be a more active participant in the media landscape instead of being passive.

What this means for me is that instead of checking my new updates or notifications, I would ask myself why I am doing it. What purpose and what value does it add? Why am I reading this article? Why am I on Instagram again for the 20th time today? Do I need to be on Instagram? or Facebook? What could I be doing instead?

It’s all about being deliberate in the choices we make and knowing why we do what we do. I know paying attention sounds pretty abstract as a way to change my media use — especially with screens. But it’s not only about media. It’s about everything in my life: family, school and my future.

Thank you for reading this and following along my journey with this podcast. feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

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