PokemonGO: Pass Notes

Pokemon what?

You heard. It’s a new GPS-based augmented reality game from Nintendo. The aim is to ‘catch’ virtual monsters called things like Pikachu and Jigglypuff.


Not this again.

Is it really that big a deal?

Well, it just got more popular than porn.



So Nintendo must be pretty chuffed.

I’d say so. Their shares have rocketed by over 50% since the release.

Can I join in?

Yes. Well, unless you don’t have a smartphone. Then no.

Can you play with other people?

That’s the idea. People are making new friends all over the place.

What does all this say about society today?

That we’re deeply fragmented yet seeking connection? That attainable goals in an established competitive framework make us feel safer in an uncertain world?



Isn’t it just a bit of fun?

Well. Yes. It is that.

Do say: Nice catch!

Don’t say: Can I touch your Pokemon?