This podcast originally appeared on Exponential View on 22 January 2019.

Marietje Schaake is a Dutch politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from the Netherlands. The Wall Street Journal called her “Europe’s most wired politician”, and Politico named her the “ultimate digital MEP”. Marietje is the Member of the Committee on International Trade, Vice-Chair of the Delegation for Relations with the US, and she established a Digital Agenda intergroup, gathering Members of the Parliament who are interested in addressing the future of digital technologies. Marietje and Azeem discuss the governance of the cyberspace, responsibility of technology companies, and the new era of geopolitical competition in cyber space. Read more from Exponential View at


This article was originally posted on Brookings website on 4 May 2020 as part of Brookings’ TechStream series which aims to host “tomorrow’s tech policy conversations today.”


Technology companies increasingly hide the world’s most powerful algorithms and business models behind the shield of trade secret protection. The legitimacy of these…

‘Europe’s most wired’ politician outlines her top cyber issues

This article was written by Scott Bade and originally appeared on TechCrunch on 15 June 2020.


“Are they going to be facilitating more authoritarian elements… Or do they stand with democracy and the rule of law?”

In the ten years she spent as a member of the European Parliament, Marietje…

This story was originally published at The Rockefeller Foundation’s website on 8 July 2020. You can view the original story here.


Ethics and self-regulation are not enough

Across the world, artificial intelligence (AI) elicits both hope and fear. AI promises to help find missing children and cure cancer. But concerns over harmful AI-driven outcomes are equally…


International Director of Policy, Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center, International Policy Fellow, Institute for Human-Centered AI. President, CyberPeace Institute

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