Russian fake.


Today I want to tell you about fake artist and bad organizers of one art festival in Russia.

It is Doll Salon ( Lots of good doll makers take part in this exhibition. It’s the largest doll exhibition in Russia. And what we got last year. One of masters turned out to be a bootlegger.

*some info about porcelain: porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a klin to temperatures between 1200°-1400°C. The completed product after several roastings become less/shorter than the model which was used for molding.*

Left: bootleg of Alyona Maikina. Right: legit doll of “Soom”.

Alyona removed some parts cos in porcelain they would be fragile. The original doll is made of resin.

The most interesting that A.Maikina took part in “The doll of the year” competition before Doll Salon and got the first prise. So what we see. Neither jury of the competition nor the organizers of Doll Salon don’t check whom they allow to take part in the biggest Russian exhibitions. In such way they say: “Ok, guys, we don’t care about you and doll collectors.”

Of course lots of doll authors started to discuss this and even when the admin of one Russian VK group organised video conference to get any answers, nothing happened. The main organizer Swetlana Pchelnikova said nothing. She even didn’t said sorry for true artists. I think it’s really awful.

That’s why this exhibition is not as good to be taken part in.

But this is not one “fake artist”, of course I knew several bad artists.

Another one is Alyona Suliymova.

Do you know Supia Dolls? Here are some photos of original doll and doll which was made by Aliona Sulymova. On the first photo Alyona Suliymova says that there’s a process of model for casting, but we see that it is a recast with little bit changed face. This “artist” took part in exibition too and tried to sell her dolls. What do you think? I think it’s awful. (Thanks Ra-Duet for photos)

Dear friends, I don’t mean that all Russian ball jointed doll artists are bad. No! There are lots of cool persons with original awesome dolls. I just want to say be more attentive and don’t take part in exhibitions where organizers don’t care about their artists and collectors.

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Have a nice time ☺