Learning needs of young people

Every generation is not the same: they have different values, standpoints and preferences. New generations create subcultures and modify language enriching it by new words and expressions that only that generation can understand. Therefore there is an eternal gap between “fathers and children” , however we can get over it by noticing trends and currents in modern life.

Recently, I came across a task offering me to think about learning needs of my generation, and I defined the following points trying to explain them in my understanding:

- be up to days;

It means that everyone wants to keep pace with future. As we live in a time of computering, IoT, AI etc., young people eager to have a grasp about these new technologies and abilities to deal with them.

- do good things;

People already understand that we live in a world full of global problems for humanity, therefore everyone wants to study in order to solve them, to bring a favor for community and eventually family. Additionally, majority also wants to be engaged in charity.

- small own business;

People consider an individual approach to every customer and meeting their needs are much important rather than be part of big “machine” of FMCG sector producing typical products in a large scale, therefore youths tend to know how to run own business. They identify their business with own values and themselves striving to make it grow.

- concept of fast-slow learner / introvert vs extrovert;

Youths required to be understood and accepted by society. If a student is slow-learner or trying to avoid people, it does not means his or her disadvantage. We must create a respectful world for everyone where a teacher, parent, surroundings will not humiliate you if you are just different in your abilities and characteristics.

- online leaning not the future;

Everyone talks about online learning, 3D modeling of studying process, but nothing replaces a learning from people to people, because we become a person only in society, we need face to face communication. We are biosocial creatures: 50% made of alive meat, and 50% from other people with whom we encountered during lifetime.

- online courses;

In spite of the trend that I mention above, youths are engaged with enthusiasm to online learning, because it is fast, cheap and convenient. A good balance and combination between face-to-face learning with teacher and online tutorials is a way to success.

- foreign aspect;

Students choose courses and opportunities that offer them an ability to go to another country, to meet new cultures. It opens a world and erase horizons for them, youths feel beyond the borders and capable to achieve a real breakthroughs in any sphere by intercultural cooperation with the same youths, but from different countries.

- practice is above;

Students tend to combine study and work on early steps of educational ladder, because majority of employers already want to see staff with working experience and background. However, working part time that does not suits to your major is not acceptable. Students are looking for internships, that large companies offer, even it means be paid small or nothing.

- Asian languages;

There is a tendency among young people of choosing to learn Chinese, Korean and Japan. In my country Russia after school we have a state exam, and one of the part is language exam: you have to choose which language you want to pass. And even in my country since this year Chinese is also included in the list. Therefore, the demand for Chinese language teachers and appropriate courses have been raising.

- social networks;

A tendency to share personal a career achievement with friends in social networks. This fact proves the statement proposed by Dale Carnegie Everyone has a desire to be important, and especially it has a meaning for youths and which actions they do. Moreover social networks become a tool for self branding and pitching yourself. It can replace CV, and help employers to find a good candidates.

Time does not stop even for a moment, and this list already can be extended or refuted.