Place called home… Montenegro ❤

You never know how much you love your country, and miss it, until the journey back home starts. There are those butterflies in stomach and stupid grin on the face. Traveling back home for Easter holidays, I enjoyed some of the spectacular views of my home country Montenegro from the plane. Meadows dressed in spring colours. High, rocky mountains, with peaks still covered with the snow. Endless blue sky that at some point of the road meets beautiful colours of Skadar lake.

Skadar Lake, Montenegro

And I started thinking how nature, and landscapes of my home country are in some magical way carved in my genes.

Working in another city, hundreds of kilometres away, I learned what does mean to be lonely. Really lonely. How it’s difficult to survive hard moments, lift yourself up, and go forward. Every emotion is amplified. And people you care about are so far away. They can’t help, comfort, hug and say “everything will be ok”.

You are on your own. And then that inner strength kicks in. Pushes you to stand up. Fight back. Be like a rock. Just like the mountains of my country. High and imposing. Defying the storms.

Mountains of Montenegro

When they pass, the piece and quiet comes. The colours are once again so alive, sunbathing the it sun. Just like my spirit. Once the mind is calm and has strength to face the biggest fear and the problem, my hear and souls are filled with colours. Every beat of the step on the street has it’s own music, and people, streets have different colours. And yet again I have that freedom. That feeling of endlessness that I always have when I see the landscape of my home.

Jaz beach Budva

I once heard “your country, is destiny you carry on inside you”. I thought it was something related to the customs, tradition, culture, but as I get older I see the landscapes, nature and beautiful places of my home being carved in my genes. My inspiration, my energy, my place to escape.

Beautiful Montenegro, of my soul!

Boka Bay sunset