Marija Najdova, Olivier Tassinari, Matt Brookes. June 27, 2020.

Continuing the tradition from last year, we launched a developer survey a few months ago, to which we received 1488 responses. This is twice as many as last year (734), so we thank you all for the participation! The survey is closed and we can now give a detailed summary of the results.

Like last year, the survey was again broken into three sections: “Introduction”, “About you” and “Your product”.


In this section, we wanted to hear what developers think is going well, what we should keep doing, and which areas…

Fluent UI React is an open source React UI library used in Microsoft Teams. It allows users to build accessible and themable applications, by using a set of common controls. These powerful features are exposed behind simple APIs based on the natural language.

The library is being built as an exemplar of the Fluent UI design language, component specifications, and utilities (if you want to find out some more info, please visit our docs page).

In this post I want to talk a bit more about bundle size, specifically the bundle for an application that uses one of our components.

Marija Najdova

Software Engineer @Material-UI | ex @Microsoft

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