You’re starting an Instagram account — and you were thinking if there could only exist an enthusiast who is there for years and is willing to share with you some tips & tricks.. Sure there is ;) Here are some things I wish someone has told me when I started with mine:

  1. Community

Welcome to Instagram! 😊 Opening your account on this social media network, means that you just joined the community, and the community means you’re expected to communicate ;) So, in order for your account to naturally and organically grow through time in number of followers, you will have to communicate with the community on regular basis. Be prepared to spend numerous hours for browsing through tags, feeds, liking people’s shots, encouraging them to keep up with the good work and getting to know your followers and community members. People think Instagram is about photography, but it’s much more than that. Instagram is about sharing your idea and vision of the world you see, sharing the love through likes and comments, and sharing emotions. All the kindness, unselfishness and positivity that you put into your work will be rewarded in nicest possible ways.

2. Concept

It’s not that we’re dealing with rocket science here but it might get easier for you to keep the photos you take around some specific idea or style that is unique and special, something that only you have. But hey, you just started, so don’t bug yourself if you don’t have the idea yet, it will come up shortly. Browsing through other people galleries, finding the photographers whose work you admire could definitely be inspiring for you to bring something of your own. Here is something that helped me find my own mojo ;)) — i spent some time thinking about my childhood and the things i wanted to do as a child. It has always been some part of a creative work for me, so I’m sure there are loads of the things special about you. And usually, things that occupied us as kids are those that kept our attention mostly because they meant the world to us.

The idea that will speak through your gallery is something so unique — it will give your followers a reason to come back.

3. Your Gallery

Let’s assume you have the idea how to put your shots together. Gallery is the most important thing, it’s a PhotoScan of you. Depending on your concept, try being random as much as possible in within the creative limits you set for yourself. For example, if you decide to take pics of roads, explore all the possibilities: roads, railways, from up above, then some road trip essentials, why not shoot them them as flatlays, then take some car pics, or capture traveling atmosphere or experience, then maybe of your friends with bikes, tents, etc. Your gallery is something you’re proud of, and try seeing it from someone else’s eyes: do you say “wow” at the first glimpse? Not yet? Practice. Post. Delete. Combine. Play.

4. Editing

It’s not that you must edit your pics. You can post them unedited if you like. However, there are numerous applications that might help you add some spice to your pics, and will definitely give a topic more for you to chat about with your followers. I will help with some additional advices on editing, and don’t worry those things are really simple. You’ll manage ;), and until then Instagram will be quite good for tweaking up your photo: adjust contrasts, saturations, highlights, exposures and add some filters if you like.

5. Tag

Never forget to tag your pics! People don’t yet know about you and the only way for them to get familiar with you or your work is by tagging the pics. Tell the world about your idea, willingly share the knowledge about editing process, or how you took the pics, and engage!

How willingly you share the love through likes of other people’s pics, how often you browse through tags and communicate with them depends how much you will enjoy the community in its every aspect. Remember, kindness opens every door. People who are kind on Instagram (or everywhere else matter of fact) rarely have bad experiences.

Hope you find these helpful, and stay tuned for more.



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