Tips on Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Perhaps, you’ve been wondering how anyone can buy feminized marijuana seeds online. Well, a good seed company makes the entire process easy and quick every customer. They will help you choose the right kind of marijuana seeds for your preferred growing conditions. Likewise, they help every customer place an order with peace of mind and confidence. A good seed company aims to eliminate all those inconveniences associated with purchasing marijuana seeds through the web.


Not certain of which kind of cannabis seeds should you grow? Are you still confused? Don’t worry. Nowadays, a seed company offers a discounted sampler pack that contains some of the best-selling feminized seeds in the market. A sampler pack is often cheaper and contains a good selection of cannabis strains. It may include something popular like Blue Dream, Northern Lights, Blueberry, White Widow, or Jack Herer.

The contents of a sampler pack may differ from one seed company to another. By choosing a good sampler pack, you will get those cannabis seeds with decent THC contents. According to, THC is among the 113 cannabinoids that exist in marijuana.


Since it’s your first time to buy cannabis seeds, take the advice of a good seed company. By telling them that you’re new to cannabis cultivation, the company can help you find the right type and strain to cultivate in your growing space based on your expertise. Since you know even a little in gardening, a good seed company will suggest you try the autoflowering seeds.


Buying marijuana seeds through the web is quite easy and hassle-free. Visit the seller’s website, check their inventory and everything in it. Choose at least one to two different strains and add them to the cart. You can add one or more strains if you’re adventurous and serious in cultivating cannabis.
A reliable marijuana seed company often ships its products in most parts of the world. The seeds arrive in a properly sealed and discreet package for your privacy. Also, they may offer you more options to pay for the seeds. Feel free to choose the most convenient payment method for you.


Buying cannabis seeds online sometimes require a specific level of confidence as you don’t deal with the seller physically. You can just see and check the products on their website. Thus, you should be more careful in every step of the way. These tips will teach you how to get the right cannabis seeds for your needs today:

#1. Choose a Good Seller

Your first step in purchasing marijuana seeds online is to look for a trusted seller in your area. There are several seed companies online but never forget to research in looking for the right one. A reputable cannabis seller has a good name in terms of giving good-quality products and making timely deliveries. Consult the weed growers near you for help on where you can get the right seed bank.

#2. Packaging and Delivery

Everyone wants to get their orders right away after you place your order. Look at the delivery periods of each seller and search for one that favors you. Most of the seed companies deliver cannabis seeds in 7 days if they ship orders within 24 hours for local customers. For example, their company makes deliveries in Canada on the same day after placing the order.

Likewise, a good seed company must give proper packaging so that nobody will be curious on the package’s content. Without proper packaging, your order may fail to arrive on time.

#3. Choose a Strain

The quantity of available seeds and strains is also a crucial factor that you should consider when buying a seed. A good seed company labels their products correctly to avoid confusion which may arise when people are searching for a good strain for their needs.

#4. Payment Choices

Pick a reliable seed company that will accept your chosen payment method. A good one accepts different payment choices like credit and debit cards. Furthermore, they can negotiate in other ways when you talk to their customer support desk. A good seed company focuses mainly on giving quality cannabis seeds to their clients and not to earn profits.

A trustworthy seed company is always a phone call away to answer your inquiries regarding your products. You may contact them through the phone or send them a message via email. Canada is home to countless companies that sell seeds of various cannabis strains. Choose a good seller for your peace of mind.


It is not easy to buy feminized marijuana seeds online. Buying them online is risky at some point. Good thing, there are several ways to protect your privacy and order high-quality cannabis seeds in the safest way.

Cannabis seeds are widely available online today. They are available in many sellers online, so make sure you deal with a good vendor. You must look for a seed company that delivers quality marijuana seeds at a reasonable price. These safety tips will help you make a good choice today:

  • Keep the Entire Transaction a Secret — this tip is applicable in all cases, even when you buy cannabis seeds at a local dispensary. How sure are you that your friend or neighbor will never tell your secret to anybody? Instead, keep everything in yourself. That’s how you can be more certain of your security when buying marijuana seeds online.
  • Use Your Credit Card When Paying for Cannabis Seeds — when ordering marijuana seeds online, use your business credit card that bears your business address. This way, the whole transaction will be safer and more discreet. Likewise, a good seed company keeps all details discreet and safe for the convenience of both the company and its customers. Credit card details are now more secure over the web. A good seed company often destroys and erases the customer’s payment information right away after they processed the order. If you’re still scared about your security, why not use any other acceptable mode of payment? You may try postal money order, prepaid VISA card, or cash.
  • Use Your Exact Home Address for a More Accurate Shipment — the mailman always knows if the recipient is living in the given address or not. At least, use initials in your address for your privacy. Make your order deliverable by doing this.
  • Don’t Use an Irrelevant Shipping Address — don’t use any address that has no relation to you or to your activities. Likewise, you should never use your grow room’s address.
  • Don’t Use Your Personal Email Address in the Ordering Information -instead, use a public email address as a contact detail when the seed company asks for it. A seed company may save your email address elsewhere, which can jeopardize you and your security. Thus, your best option is to use a public email address instead of a personal one.
  • Send the Package to Somebody Else or to the Address That Has No Connection to You — this person can be your sister, your girlfriend, or your best friend. They don’t need to find out what it is. Instead, tell them something will arrive at their doorsteps and that is for you. A good seed company will ship the cannabis seeds to you in a 100% discreet manner.
  • Don’t Sign the Parcel. For your security and privacy, have somebody else to sign the delivery record for you.
    Wait for Your Order with Patience — if you buy cannabis seeds abroad, the shipment process may become more time-consuming. Thus, you must wait for your order with patience. Give it time before calling the seller and complaining.
  • Don’t Place a Large Order to One Seller — if you want to buy a hundred of cannabis seeds or more, divide the order into smaller orders and place them to different trusted seed companies in your area. This way, you will avoid losing all your seeds in case something wrong happens on the road.
  • Buy Female Feminized Seeds — female cannabis seeds are more expensive at first. Yet, it will save you time and cash in the long run. Buying feminized seeds guarantees you’ll have a consistent supply of buds for this month and beyond.
  • Choose a Seed Company that Guarantees Secure, Safe, Discreet, and Timely Shipping — only a few companies out there can guarantee such things to every customer. Therefore, make sure you hire a good company. Look for the most trusted ones for your peace of mind.
    Final Thoughts
  • Buying feminized cannabis seeds through the web for the first time is not an easy thing. It scares every novice grower, but the whole thing will be successful once you know how to do it right. It is important to ensure you get the seeds from a reputable source. Aside from helping you ensure your security and safety, it will also keep you from being a scam victim. This is the only way to avoid the bogus sellers out there.
  • The internet is full of companies and websites that sell cannabis seeds and strains. Choose a seller that works hard to earn your attention and trust. Check out the reviews online and meet the most reliable Canadian seed companies of today.

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