6 ways entrepreneurs can use Typeform to improve their marketing strategy

Marika Hirsch
Feb 15, 2018 · 7 min read

Wait…did filling out forms just become fun?

Many businesses are great at implementing Typeform surveys asking for customer feedback. Makes sense. Create a survey. Get some results. You’re golden. But we wanted to dig deeper into this robust platform for building engaging forms to give small businesses a few ways Typeform can help with an entrepreneur’s biggest challenge: marketing.

Shoutout to our community of Thinkific entrepreneurs, online business owners, and online course creators who told us Typeform was crucial for their businesses! Check out the other 40 tools they recommended.

1. Use NPS surveys to ask for referrals, prevent churn, get beta testers, and understand specific customer language.

Typeform has a template and guidelines for creating great Net Promoter Score surveys. With an NPS survey, you’re asking your customers to assess their overall feeling about your business, your brand, and their experience as a user of your product. We’ve all probably been asked to fill out a similar survey before: “On a scale of 1–10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend?” Add follow-up questions to your NPS survey so you’re asking customers to give more detail. The more specific your question, the better insight you’ll get.

For example: Instead of asking,“Why did you choose the number you did?” How about, “If you could change one thing about our product, what would it be?” Or, “What are three words you would use to describe your experience with our business?”

Once you’ve built a tailored NPS survey, use those results as a guide to reach out to customers directly. Thank those glowing ‘10’ NPS scorers, and ask them if they would consider writing your company a review online (get that social proof!). If you have a referral program, send the details of how to join to high scorers. Just as importantly, make sure you’re reaching out to any detractors (6 and below) to ask how you could make their experience better. Sometimes, just the act of reaching out personally will save a customer from churning. For those customers who have in-depth knowledge about your product, or have thoughts about how you can improve it, that’s a great opportunity to ask if they’d like to be a beta tester before your next feature or course launch.

Create your own Typeform NPS survey to get insights into customer loyalty.

You can also use customer language from survey results to target new customers. Specific customer language and social proof are great for campaigns. If a customer scores your business a ‘10’ on the NPS survey and comments, “your customer service is outstanding!” it might be worth reaching out for a full testimonial for a marketing campaign around your customer service.

2. Embed Typeforms directly into your sales pages to get more insight on page visitors

Embed a Typeform into your landing and sales pages so you can get a better view into page visitor behavior and demographics. Instead of using a CTA button to ask customers to buy, link your CTA to a Typeform. With this trick, you’re essentially filtering via application. Typeform has great data analytics in the backend that include exports of survey results, form completion rate numbers, and easy URL sharing for bigger teams. You can also add a Google Analytics tracking code to any of your surveys. Use your findings to upsell/downsell, personalize your sales, and surface higher value leads that you can then reach out to personally (more on that in #6).

Track numbers like responses, completion rates, and export results to your full team.

Who doesn’t like automation? Typeform links easily to tools like Zapier, so you can automate all those qualifying actions. Just set up the parameters once, and then watch as your leads are filtered into the right segments and sent the right content. (For example, if a lead answers ‘A’, then they’re sent campaign ‘A’ and so on). Read more about how to use Zapier and other automation tools for your online business!

3. Use surveys to validate ideas (before you do all the work)

Your current customers are your biggest (and most important) source of information for how you’re going to attract new customers. Tapping into the knowledge and buying behavior of your existing customers is crucial for validating the assumptions you make about what type of campaign, form of content, or offer works for your audience. For example, you could be 100% sure that your audience likes live webinars when learning, or pushing to sale. But before you go creating webinar assets, or build out an extensive plan for nurturing webinar leads, are webinars even the right method for reaching your target audience?

Send a quick survey by email (or even through social!) to your email list and your followers. How do they prefer learning? Where do they spend the most time online? How did they find you initially? Did they wish they heard about you sooner? How do they define their buying style?

If you have a private Facebook Group for your business, drop a quick marketing survey there. We love doing this at Thinkific, and often ask our course creator Facebook Group about what types of content they would be excited to see us publish, or what they want to see from us next.

Survey your audience with targeted questions based on your next marketing initiative.

4. Share Typeform quizzes or polls on social media to reach a wider audience (and have some fun with it!).

Looking for more top of funnel ideas to generate brand awareness and catch new leads? Typeform makes it super simple to embed or share surveys, quizzes, and polls on social media (all beautifully designed to match your brand). Does your business help YouTubers monetize their channel? Create a quiz called ‘What famous YouTube personality are you most like?’ and link it back to your blog on ‘How to Create a Lasting YouTube Persona’. Add gated content at the bottom of that blog, possibly a template or worksheet for building a lasting YouTube persona, and use another Typeform to collect email and industry info to validate your lead. Voila! Your funnel is starting to narrow.

Have fun with quizzes! Test the knowledge of your social followers, and let your band personality show.

5. Keep your brand cohesive with easily customizable forms

A common challenge we hear all the time from business owners and course creators is, “I’m an expert at what I do, but I’m not a designer. How do I create a professional looking brand?” Canva is a great resource for easily creating your brand’s visual assets, including banners and ads. We write more about using Canva and other brand tools here. But for the purpose of why we’re all here, branding your forms and surveys is super easy with Typeform. Typeform makes it simple to seamlessly match polls, quizzes, and forms to your unique brand. Creating new forms is not only intuitive, with drag and drop sections, but it’s also a breeze to add your company logo, colors, and typography. Using cohesive forms across all social channels, landing pages, and website pages helps to build brand recognition for your company. There’s nothing better than a user browsing Facebook, seeing one of your quizzes or ads, and thinking, Oh, I’ve seen that company around before!

Choose brand colors, typography, and more to seamlessly integrate your Typeforms into your business.

6. Deliver different lead magnets to different segments after surveys

The more personal you make a marketing funnel for your warm leads, the better results you’ll get. Use a Typeform survey to qualify a lead’s biggest business challenge, or ask what they most want to learn.

Split Typeform results into segments, and then drop leads into a funnel based on their segment. Serve groups different targeted content. If Group A is interested in learning marketing tactics for their YouTube business, show them exactly how your business can help them with their specific needs.

Narrow the funnel gradually. First send a blog post, then a free downloadable checklist or template, then invite them to a webinar (if that’s how they like to learn!).

In-formative no? We hope you got some great ideas about the best way to use Typeform for your business. Logistically, Typeform also works great as a tool because it easily integrates with all your favorite platforms (including Thinkific!).

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