We have the IV bag here!
Classical Sass

I aim for 100cc’s daily when doing it myself which was the advice my vet gave me. But what I meant by IV fluids is when, at the vet, they actually hook it up to a vein, rather than doing it subcutaneously — when they do that, they get hundreds of cc’s into them. It’s a good option if you need to get on top of the toxins. My vet usually does that first and then sends me home to do maintenance with sub-Q. I would sometimes bring them back for another IV jump start if they seemed to be falling behind again. So yeah, if you can manage it (I know it can be tough depending on the kitty), give her another round. But if she doesn’t get her appetite back soon, I’d talk to your vet about IV fluids for a half day. That usually does the trick and then you can maintain with Sub-Q ❤

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