Don’t delay your destiny!

I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for several years. The basic principles of law of attraction tell us that what we put out we will get back or what we focus on we will attract. So what is the most challenging part about trusting in this universal law? The challenge for me occurs when I am in a period of perceived stagnation and I cannot see any of my desires manifesting. During this time I want to believe, but when I cannot see any change I become discouraged. The law supports that even when cannot see things transforming the Universe is always at work. The more we believe in this process and continue to trust that everything is happening in perfect timing, the better we will feel and the less time it will take to see the outcome we desire. We delay our own manifestation process when we focus on what is not happening. When we focus on what we don’t want we cloud our perception and we delay the process. So the most important thing we can do during a manifestation drought is to continue to believe, continue to stay positive, to keep focus on what we want, and to trust that the universe is at work. The most important thing we can do to not delay the process of our manifestation is to trust the Universe to do its job!