Oh I can’t wait I can’t wait!

I’m going through a hard time with my partner. We’re both struggling to be to ourselves. And Im result to each other. We’re on a break currently. Trying to give a breather between the marathon of a shitfest that was this last year. We’re both not talking. To give perspective if we actually want to try again or if we even should.

But instead of letting the break break me and make it prosecutors instead (which I haven’t done well but every step is something), I’ve made a list of “requirements” for when we come back.

I’m the beginning it started with hefty, heavy demands. But now it’s different and I shifted it more to a list of healthy habits I want us to take up if we commit to each other at the end of this break. Things such as: seeing family a set amount that we uphold, of staying financial responsible, or of being good creatively productive.

But after that this is a list of things I want to do here in the city we love before we both go away to school, whether together or not. And one of the things I’ve JUST added to the list, I can’t wait to tell him! Because Im so excited to do it.

He loves Jack White and fortunately he and I live in one of only two cities that house his Record Stores. Inside said store is a recording booth and he and I both on our own have been excited to records something. But now I’ve figured what I want to record. He introduced me to these amazing songs by a surprising source I wouldn’t have expected to like but now love the content. And I want to sing with my love in the store he loves. And I’m so excited I had to tell someone.

I.e. You guys.

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